Monday, February 23, 2009

A Peaceful Spirit

A peaceful spirit comes from God. It comes from our belief in Christ who came and paid the debt for our sin. In addition to this peace from salvation there are other things that can attack the peace within our own spirit. When Paul is talking to the church he wishes spiritual peace on them repeatedly. Why does he do this? He was talking to people who were leaving in a world of chaos. Martyrdom and torture were all around them. They were afraid. I imagine their concerns to be incredibly valid. Spiritual peace was something they needed.

The grace and peace Paul mentions in his epistles is for the grace and peace only Christ can give. He wanted these blessings in the lives of the New Testament Christians. It is not necessarily an exhortation to live peaceably, because he specifically addresses this need in his books. This is for the spiritual well being of the individuals. I think this is where peace in relationships starts. If there is no peace in our own spirits, then how can we be peacemakers? It would be impossible. Peace in our hearts is possible because of the Holy Spirit. It is a gift to pray for and receive peace from the Lord, but we can also pray this blessing on our friends. So often we pray for God to take pain away or heal hurts, yet we do not ask proactively for spiritual growth. This is something Paul does consistently, and we should as well. Pray for peaceful spirits for your friends and family. You will bless them.

As women we are admonished in 1 Peter 3 to focus on our spirit instead of our outward appearance. This is tough because it is hard not to be caught up in the outer shell of people. It is something we are warned about in Scripture, yet I think for most women this tends to be a struggle. When I was studying peace within my spirit, I was surprised when I read 1 Peter 3 and found that in being modest in our spirit that we are also to have a quiet spirit. The definition of that word quiet is peaceable or tranquil. Women are instructed to be peaceable in their nature. I find myself thinking " are you talking to me?" Sometimes as women it is difficult to have a spirit that is truly peaceful in Christ. We are around the chaos if little kids, dating relationships, marriages, work. There is a lot on our plates and our spirits are easily riled up. It is so much easier to dress up the outward appearance instead of working on our hearts. However this is the area that needs our attention. It is what God sees in us.

I encourage those who read this to take the time to pray for a spirit of peace for yourself and for others.


loraena said...

Good post, Keri. I have been struggling with this lately and need to be reminded that peace comes from God and we need to regularly seek it from him for ourselves and others, because left to ourselves we will never find it!

Martin LaBar said...

Many people know what the first verse in the Bible says. Not nearly so many know what the last one says. It mentions grace, and, I think, implies peace.